Culinary Camp for Kids
July 25 - 29, 2016
9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Ages 8-11

Inspiring your kids to eat well, enjoy their food, spend more time outdoors,
get more exercise and connect with friends.

Culinary Camp for Kids is a boutique camp for kids ages 8-11 in Boulder, Colorado.
Together, we will explore five ways to live a more embodied, holistic life

How It Works

In this 5-day camp, we will explore the full evolution of a meal from the garden to the table.

We’ll enjoy the morning sun as we start each day in the garden, then we’ll move into the kitchen where we’ll prepare a meal from our day’s harvest.

Once our food is ready, we’ll sit in community around a table that we’ll decorate, then practice the art of savoring food and celebrate our work together.

After cleaning up, we’ll move our bodies with daily light yoga and/or walking around the neighborhood.

We will return to the house to enjoy a small dessert that we make then have a closing circle to digest and reflect on the day.

In addition to our daily garden to table journey, each kid will write and illustrate original recipes that will be compiled into a hardback recipe book.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Mary! Combining my experience and education as an elementary school teacher and a professional cook, I have created a curriculum that instills appreciation for the earth as the source of all food, the alchemy of the kitchen, the wisdom of the body, and the joy of creating and eating in community around a table.

My favorite way to teach is creating activities where kids don't know they are learning, so by writing and illustrating their own recipes, researching international foods and shopping in an optional Farmers Market excursion, they are learning writing, reading, doing research and math to name a few.

I have worked with kids since I was 10 years old when I started babysitting. My best friend and I ran a little "school" for kids during the summer, picking up the neighborhood kids in our wagons. We're still best friends, and giggle at the memories (see our 80s clothing in the picture to the right as one of our reasons for giggling!). We loved working with kids so much, we started planning our summer school in the winter - there isn't much to do in suburban Cleveland in the winter, so this was really fun for us.

As an adult, my passion for teaching led me to become a second grade teacher, focusing on building classroom community and instilling my students with a love of learning, wonder and excitement.  Then I went to culinary school and worked professionally in a kitchen under a great chef.   Now I'm excited to combine my passions - cooking, teaching, and building community for kids - in this new program.

The curriculum includes:

- caring for the earth as a way of caring for ourselves
- gardening skills
- kitchen skills and safety
- food alchemy: turning ingredients into something new
- discerning taste and distinguishing flavor
- light yoga and the joy of walking
- community sharing during meals
- guest speakers to share their wisdom

I love kids, I love cooking, I love teaching, and I love inspiring. I love to learn, I love to explore, and I’m looking forward to sharing that excitement with your kids.

Cost + Register

The program is limited to 4 kids, so that each child can receive an abundance of individual attention and instruction.

Tuition until June 30: $350
Tuition after June 30: $400

Optional Farmers' Market Excursion on Wednesday after camp: 
Early Bird until May 27th: $25
Regular Tuition after May 27th: $35

Tuition includes:

- full program instruction
- snack, lunch and dessert each day - no need to pack lunch or snacks!
- all food used for cooking
- all kitchen tools
- a professional keepsake hardback book with the kids’ handwritten recipes and illustrations (printed after camp)

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel for any reason before July 1st, your tuition is fully refundable, minus a 6% administrative fee. After July 1st, there are no refunds, but tuition is transferable if a friend or family member can send his/her child instead.

Questions? Click here to contact me.