As a loving parent, you want your children to want to be healthy and inspired.
You also want them to have fun and use their creativity in new ways.

As a teacher, I love using cooking as a way for kids
to learn without realizing they’re learning.

I also believe in the art of eating as a way for kids to hear their inner voice.

Time in nature to help them feel connected with their environment.
The energy and wisdom of movement to engage the 5 senses.
The comfort and strength of community to simply...have fun.

When my next door neighbor moved in, he was 5 years old and getting ready to enter kindergarten. He began visiting my garden to nibble chives and cherry tomatoes while sharing his adventures.

Our friendship blossomed in the kitchen as we turned fresh farmers’ market peaches into peach ice cream and fresh tomatoes from my garden into garden salsa.

Watching him discover a love of cooking and eating and knowing my background, his mom suggested I create a summer camp, and Culinary Camp for Kids was born.

Combining my experience and education as an elementary school teacher and a professional cook, I have created a curriculum that instills appreciation for the earth as the source of all food, the alchemy of the kitchen, the wisdom of the body, and the joy of creating and eating in community around a table.

Together the kids will learn not only how to cook, but also how to be part of a team and build up each other’s confidence levels through team work and that warm feeling of accomplishment. They’ll get to create a masterpiece all their own, using their own two hands, and feel the pride in creating something they can share with their friends and family.