A kid who eats well lives well.

Culinary Camp for Kids teaches kids ages 8-11 how to cook,
and cultivates small souls in the kitchen by:

sparking your children's interest in food
and empowering them with knowledge and skill
to live a life more engaged in their senses.


A more conscious relationship
to food creates a more conscious
relationship to life.

When kids notice that they feel good after eating some foods but not others,
the same principle starts to translate to other areas:

Do I feel more energized after moving my body?
Which friends make me feel seen and heard?
Does spending time outdoors put me in a better mood?

With adults making so many decisions, kids can feel little control over their lives.

My goal is to empower them with skill and independence
to tackle challenges in the kitchen, make decisions,
and explore their creativity in a safe, healthy environment.

In addition to cooking, we will explore connection with our bodies
through gardening, eating, community, and movement.

Are you ready for your child to take this step into a more embodied, holistic life?